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What Is Vacation Rental Cleaning?

On the surface, cleaning short-term rentals may seem comparable to cleaning your home or even a hotel room. Vacation rental cleaning involves more tasks, more efficiency, and more attention to detail than other types of cleaning.

When cleaning your own home, it’s tempting to skip over the non-essential tasks, such as cleaning the baseboards, or the ceiling fan blades. In a vacation rental, however, these often overlooked areas will still be scrutinized by hosts and renters alike. After all, a host’s success largely depends on the cleanliness of their property.

To continue, hotels typically include fewer rooms and amenities than a short-term rental. A hotel housekeeper likely won’t have to worry about cleaning a full-size kitchen or multiple bedrooms, for example. On the other hand, professional vacation rental cleaners must account for a kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, an outdoor patio or garden area, and more.

For these reasons, professional vacation cleaners tend to follow a comprehensive cleaning list and come prepared with an arsenal of cleaning products and equipment.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Supplies

The following equipment, supplies are recommended for vacation rental cleaning:

This is not a complete list of supplies, and vacation rental owners and cleaners should communicate regularly to know exactly what items are needed for a property’s cleaning tasks.

What Do Vacation Rental Cleaners Do?

Vacation rental cleaners perform many of the same tasks that other types of cleaning service providers do. That said, they must have unmatched speed, skill, and attention to detail.

Many times, a host will have a late check-out and an early check-in all in the same day, leaving only a couple of hours for the turnover. This means that vacation rental cleaners will have to work with extreme efficiency to get the property ready for the next set of guests.

As mentioned above, renters can be a tough audience when it comes to cleanliness, meaning professional cleaning teams must provide a high standard of service and skill for each and every turnover.

In addition to dusting, sanitizing, sweeping, and mopping, short-term rental cleaners must also change linens and towels, assess the property for damage, ensure there are plenty of toiletries, and more. Vacation rental cleaning is more than just cleaning — like hosts, cleaners have a role in making sure guests have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Can I Do a Vacation Rental Cleaning Myself?

Many hosts with one or two properties decide to handle vacation rental cleaning on their own. This may seem like a desirable option, as it may save you some cash in the short term. For hosts who don’t live close to their properties and/or don’t consider hosting their full-time jobs, DIY cleaning probably won’t be a sustainable or even feasible option.

Seasoned hosts tend to rely on professional cleaners to service their properties in between guests and have found numerous benefits in doing so.

Benefits of Professional Vacation Rental Cleaning

Hiring a professional to do your vacation rental cleaning has multiple advantages, even for small business owners.

Saves Time

One of the most obvious yet important benefits of professional cleaning is the time it can save vacation rental hosts. Cleaning a one-bedroom property can eat up several hours of a host’s time, as they’ll need to check and recheck that the place is spotless.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning company may only need 90 minutes or so to service your property. This means that the total time spent on each turnover will be reduced, potentially allowing you to book guests more frequently.

Further, the time you would’ve spent on cleaning tasks can now be spent promoting your listing, staying up to date with your competition and industry, and growing your business.

Before working with a cleaning service, make sure you know the answers to the following questions:

  • Does the cleaning company have experience servicing vacation rentals?
  • Can the company provide deep cleaning?
  • Does the cleaning company do laundry?

Our Company: Green Umbrella

In order to offer the best service to all our vacation rentals, we take a limited number of properties. Currently, we are accepting new clients with have certain conditions.

We ask that ALL vacations rentals

  1. Have locks on their supply cabinets
  2. Spare linens
  3. Supplies stocked
  4. Monthly scheduled be sent (updated as necessary)
  5. No dirty dishes

At this time, we do not offer any services that a host would normally do, such as emergencies the guest may have or any handyman type of work.

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