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Green Umbrella Cleaning

go-greenFor California's business owners green cleaning choices can even affect the company's financial bottom-line, because employee sick time, and lower productivity all have some basis in poor indoor environmental quality. For California's school administrators green cleaning choices can affect school productivity by decreasing childhood asthma, improving falling test scores, and decreasing student absenteeism.

Green cleaning is not only just replacing your current non-green product with a milder cleaning supplies. Green cleaning includes processes which reduces the negative impact on employee health, student health and the total environment when compared with traditional non-green products and non-green programs. Green Umbrella Cleaning minimizes VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, controls allergens caused by dyes and fragrances and makes indoor environments more healthful and pleasant. While green product selection is important, a regularly scheduled Green cleaning and maintenance program is of equal importance. Properly designed and implemented, a green cleaning plan will have a positive impact on not only the overall cleanliness of your Marin and Sonoma Counties facility, but the health of its occupants and your return on investment.

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